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24 abundance blocks

Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program 10 Days Trial (unlimited access) For Just $1

There Are 24 Abundance Blocks Holding You Back – And 24 Audio Sessions That Focus On Eliminating A Specific Block

Each session comes with a PDF manual and will help eliminate each of your Abundance Blocks, one after the other. You’ll experience a powerful and immersive process which taps into your energetic frequency, accesses your subconscious mind, and liberates you from a specific abundance block.


Session Outline


Session 1: Clearing Resistance

Jump start your journey into abundance with a three step system to open your energy fields and begin the clearing process. Identify the lies you have learned about abundance and connect to the light, allowing energy to flow.


Session 2: Clearing doubt and fear

Step into the driver’s seat by tuning into your energetic frequencies – allowing you full control in manifesting your abundance. See how to tune into different energies, eliminate blockages and clear out cross purposes.


Session 3: Clearing the fear of change

Start eliminating the energies cluttering your system – it’s time for a fresh start, making space for abundance energies to flow in. Overcome subconscious fear or change, and identify 3 stumbling blocks to avoid.


Session 4: Clearing money zapping decisions

Avoid choices that drain your abundance – lift up and enter your Growth Cycle, the state of being that allows you to live life at your optimum level. Be guided to clear out non-optimal energy flows and open up to new ideas and creativity.


Session 5: Clearing fear of growth

Begin sowing the seeds to grow your abundance. Like an acorn carefully planted and watered will transform into an oak tree, your wealth will develop the same way. Learn a method to fill up your ‘wealth garden’ with abundance.


Session 6: Clearing fear of success

Become a landscape gardener for your own abundance. Identify how you want your garden to evolve and flourish into a space that makes you joyful. You’ll be able to evolve your spirituality and connection to divine right service.


Session 7: Clearing fear of rejection

Take hold of the tools that allow you to shape, grow and cultivate your own wealth in any direction you can imagine. You’ll clear your baggage and break free from the old restrictions that suck energy from you.


Session 8: Clearing fear of numbers

Get to the exact place you’ve always dreamed of, where you live life in the way you love. You’ll check your ‘wealth garden’, and find your magic number to start mapping out the steps to achieve it.


Session 9: Clearing indecision

Eliminate common obstacles along the way by adopting key techniques that increase your capacity for abundance. You’ll discover if you are living from choice or reaction, and learning 2 different ways to manifest your plans.


Session 10: Clearing feeling stuck

Make sure you’re actually living what you value in your daily life. Many of us don’t, even though we think we do. Here we’ll keep the energy of change flowing, and assess any blocks around manifesting abundance.


Session 11: Getting clear on your values

Work on matching the vibrational alignment of what you truly desire so you can get to your destination faster. Identify your values and map out steps towards them, and clear the blockages along that path.


Session 12: Getting clear on the future

No more crazy cycles of stopping yourself before you even get started. Tap into your psychic abilities and perceive your own future. Discover the power of getting over things and be in tune with who you really are.


Session 13: Clear clutter

Imagine a new future where you can see through the messiness that life throws at us to really see what to do. Learn de-cluttering techniques and clear the binds that clutter your finances and your life.


Session 14: Clear family blocks

Ready for the big leap? Cover the places where you are blocked in making the connection to your happiest future reality. Overcome some of the most common blocks to dreaming big and life an entirely free life.


Session 15: Clear blame

Locate the exact patterns and programs that blip you off your life path… then work to crush them. Clear away blockages, liberate yourself into empowerment and discover the secret energy of money and how to tap into it.


Session 16: Discover the ultimate you

Allow the perfect you to shine through. Michelangelo said, after looking at a piece of marble, that he envisioned the perfect result or model in his heart before he unleashed it. You too, have the perfect ‘you’ inside yourself waiting to shine.


Session 17: Generate your future self

Establish yourself as an infinite being with infinite potentials ahead, so you can move forwards confidently and powerfully. Connect to the light, enter a high energy place and be guided to see your future self.


Session 18: Turning Blocks into profits

Investigate the blocks that are convincing you to stay away from opportunities every time they show up. You’ll get a gauge of where to make changes, learn the numbers of your financial map and manifest your inner millionaire.


Session 19: Clearing self sabotage

Destroy those doubts about Secrets and Lies so you can just take empowered action, guide your soul to truth, reshape your karmic debt and clear beliefs that may have been programmed around those secrets and lies.


Session 20: Clearing lack of self worth

Let the love flow into your life, and learn how the love you received as a child is impacting your current bank account. Learn about your residual influences, how to create powerful money channels and fill your body with love.


Session 21: Clearing your financial mess

Stop fearing the potential of messing up and use change as a way to create blessings in life. Avoid negative energy loops and access the perfect balancing point between giving and taking to open a fire-hose of abundance.


Session 22: Clearing financial illusions

Make sure your illusions about money aren’t keeping you from a magical future. Discover money matters hiding in the dark, evaluate your approach to investing and align the outflow of money with future abundant inflows.


Session 23: Clearing the fear of scarcity

Smash away fear of scarcity to regain the flow for receiving and giving energy. Explore the energy of generosity and how by filling yourself up with light and life, you can switch on abundance and generosity.


Session 24: Clearing blocks to welcoming abundance

Cultivate the talents inside that will let you get paid for just being YOU. Dig deep inside yourself, unearth hidden talents and finally realize the purpose of money in your life.

Christie Marie Sheldon