It Works: Make Your Dreams Come True!

‘If you KNOW… what you WANT… you can HAVE IT!’

If you are in earnest about changing your present condition, here is a concise, definite, resultful plan, with rules, explanations and suggestions.


Write down on paper in order of their importance the things and conditions you really want.
Do not be afraid of wanting too much.
Go the limit in writing down your wants.
Change the list daily, adding to or taking from it, until you have it about right.
Do not be discouraged on account of changes, as this is natural.
There will always be changes and additions with accomplishments and increasing desires.


Read the list of what you want three times each day: morning, noon and night.
Think of what you want as often as possible.
Do not talk to any one about your plan except to the Great Power within you which will unfold to your Objective Mind the method of accomplishment.

R. H. Jarrett (It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!)


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