Time Slip Stories

Here are 2 Time Slip stories by thewr0ngchild

Firstly .. I saw my town in what I can hazard a guess to be the mid 1700s once. It was totally obscure and felt like I’d walked into an invisible fog of static. Everything looked grey-tinged, the people hurried past without any awareness of my presence. Everyone was in typical 1700s style dress and horse drawn vehicles rattled past on the once cobbled main street. I took my mobile phone out of my pocket hoping to somehow get this on video but when I clicked it on it said ‘no signal’ (obviously). I still loaded the camera up and began to film, but once this vortex/fracture in time let me go, and I rechecked the video it wasn’t there. It felt like I’d been there at least half an hour, but not even five minutes had passed since I last checked the time.

The second one which involved my husband too was actually quite unnerving as it was nothing like my first experience. We went into town and first of all went to find the market stall my friend runs for some ecig juice, but despite it being 10am and most stallholders arrive at 7:30am, the stall was not there, and something didn’t feel right. We went to the bank to get some money out, and started walking back towards the market. My friend’s stall was now there and I hurriedly asked him how long he’d been there and he said 7:30am!. I think, rather than a time slip, this was some sort of dimensional shift. My husband experienced this, and he’s a lot more skeptical than me, but he experienced it, and it really bothered him, so he now believes it.

I tend to use the term ‘paranatural’ to describe these strange events. We may not yet have mastered the ‘time machine’ technologically, but nature is a force that not even humans can control, and could very well create anomalies such as these. These things are natural, and an aspect of nature we simply do not understand. We probably know about 10% of what nature is actually capable of, and good ole mother nature has been pissing humans off since we set foot on dry land, simply because it’s an element we can’t control. One only has to have a basic idea of how stars work, how the water table works, what causes hurricanes or droughts etc to understand how powerless we are when it comes to nature’s ruthless but life giving hold on us.

My thoughts anyway. If anyone has had a similar experience I would love to hear about it. Please remember being a skeptic is perfectly okay, as I said my husband was before that happened to us. Do try to keep an open mind though and be respectful of others experiences and beliefs.


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