5 Minute Miracle

If you want to learn this principle you’ll have to agree to follow these two commitments:
1) “Apply the guidelines for a minimum of 5 minutes daily.”
2) “Apply the guidelines for a minimum period of two weeks.”

As you probably appreciate, this commitment is for your own benefit – it will encourage you to give this process a fair trial.

Follow the instructions below every day for two weeks. Note in your journal the results you experience. Tell someone else about your results as a way of reinforcing this experience in your mind. We tend to forget how powerful love can be unless using it becomes a habit for us. Whether or not you can see a clear imagine does not matter. The process will work just as well if you simply think about the things that we are suggesting you visualize. What is critical is that you combine the thought (image or words) with another positive emotion, such as joy. Really feel the emotion of joy as you see yourself celebrating the success of this experiment.

Before starting, choose a relationship or situation you would like to see improved.

Step 1: Be at ease
• Sit with your eyes closed and take a moment to relax.
• The easiest way to relax is to become aware of the sensations you feel in your body.
• Notice how your body feels touching the chair or bed.
• Take a few deep breaths.

Step 2: Imagine the best possible outcome and surround it with love
• Now let yourself think about the relationship or situation that you would like to transform.
• Picture the person involved in this relationship in your mind’s eye (or) Imagine a symbol to represent the situation (e.g. a dollar sign to represent financial issues). Remember it does not matter if you can see an image. A thought is as powerful as an image.
• Imagine this person / situation surrounded with light and love (for example, you might see this as a pink light surrounding the person / symbol, caressing it with love, like a warm blanket).
• For relationships:
(1) Imagine the two of you interacting with one another in a way you would like.
(2) Imagine both of you saying or doing something positive.
(3) See the two of you smiling at one another.
• For situations: Imagine this situation being resolved in a positive way. You do not need to know how it will be resolved, simply imagine that a positive solution is on its way.

Step 3: Feel a positive emotion
• Feel a positive emotion like joy as you watch this image.
• Imagine yourself telling a good friend how well this experiment worked; how the force of love created a wonderful solution to this problem.
• See yourself joyfully celebrating the transformation of this relationship/situation.
• Feel joy.
• Let the image go.

Step 4: Be persistent
• Do this practice for a minimum of five minutes every day, for two weeks.
• If, throughout your day, you find yourself mentally rehearsing the conflict / this seemingly impossible situation, remind yourself that love works and imagine how you will feel when the positive solution arrives.
• Record your experiences with this exercise in your journal.

That’s all there is to it!

– Ven. Nyanasanti


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